Friday, June 05, 2009

Interior obsessions and belated wreaths!

What can I say about my absence? YET AGAIN! Life keeps throwing so many surprises at me and I am a girl that likes to fulfill all of her commitments so they have been taking my spare time lately.
That and obsessing over homemade interiors! I have always loved antique finds and cream vintage resin pieces or ironmongery.. it really excites me in ways that make me fall in love all over again with craft and the beauty of design. Many people had told me to watch Kirstie's homemade program but I resisted. One boring night I caught up on every single episode and was hooked.
I have tried to avoid updating my home because we are so close to moving but suddenly I feel such an urge to nest and make it our own. As an artist, I have my own style and I want to make my mark on things so that our interior feels right for me and my family. A home that makes our hearts smile.
Anyway, onto the obsession quenchers! EEK!
I picked up this gorgeous little vintage style pot in Au Naturel for just 1.50 in the sale and found one to match perfect for 2.00 in B&M. I like the quirky mis-matching.

Totally cute, right? I have seen that exact pot for 8.00 at BHS which makes me wonder if perhaps they have the same suppliers or are indeed the same goods rebranded? Food for thought indeed. In this shot I have my cake stand that is currentely being used for fruit as it has been a while since I made cupcakes (Watch this space.. i'm going glitter icing crazy!) I have a few of these dotted about for holding embellishments in my craft space. They just make me smile!
Anyway, the kitchen ones are to be updated with these:
Isn't that just beautiful! I am definitely going to invest in the whole range!
It was a beautiful hook set which started it all off a fortnight ago and now I am eyeing up kitschy and vintage finds all over the place! I went to put the hook onto my door and look what I found there:

How on earth did I not notice this before? Obviously Christmas is a friend in our house LOL Anyway, I wanted to pop the hooks up to see how they looked and decided to display some of Emily's new 'finds' of her own from H&M. She is so cute now she has her own style:

The black tutu has already been used in a mini photoshoot and she insists on wearing her Hello kitty rainmac even when the sun is shining! Definitely my gothic princess, I love being her mummy :)
Look at those metal roses.. *swoon*

A little dude came to see me today in the kitchen. I love leaf cutters. They look so robust and are the most vibrant beautiful things to look at. I am fascinated with exotic looking animals in England, it's amazing to see such stunning nature:

I suppose I best leave with a pic of my new stash delivery so that something is scrapbook related!!. I am currentely on a 'no-spend' ban but this was ordered a good few weeks ago LOL I have got to use it soon. It has been so long since I scrapped for myself.

Well that is all from me for now. I hope you enjoyed a little tour of my front door haha!! I promise that tomorrow I shall upload pictures of my latest craft projects. They have been few and far between lately but I am slowly starting to get the mojo back!
To see my current work, check out:
and scroll down to the princess of pink, Melanie Marshall (tis me!)
Must go get some sleep now.. i'm getting old.. 26 yrs old sunday ;)


Sue said...

Hi Mel, love what you did with your scrapbook kit - by far the best entry! Good luck,


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel - love your latest entry, I am especially jealous of the sugar pot - gorgeous!!!
s.shine x