Friday, June 12, 2009

Fathers day cards and home for the holidays..

After a rather stressful year it was amazing to be surprised by my husband with a romantic break to celebrate our anniversary. We dropped the kids off at my parents and instead of embarking on a 3o mile trip home we behaved like teenagers and I jumped on a most luxious bed in a beautiful hotel down the road where we used to go once upon a time.

Sorry about the blurry picture but it was late at night when I actually remembered to get my camera out LOL It's amazing how memories come flooding back when you visit places.

Anyway, I am home now and I did promise you some work to ogle!

I was recentely set a task to create a pop-up layout but I wanted to try my hand at the mechanics and different techniques before diving in! As a result, I have an awesome little pop-up card tutorial to unleash on you:

Here's what I managed to create:

And a video of the card in action (tilt head sideways!)

Over on a different forum I set everyone a challenge to prepare for Fathers day. I have been lousy lately at crafting so I thought I would make some cards!

These are a matching pair, both for Lee's dad and one will be from us whilst the other is from the children. I have left the inside of theirs completely blank so that they can put their own personal messages in:

(personal messages will no doubt be some erratic looking stickmen)

It is always hard to make cards for males, so when I was faced with making an anniversary card for Lee I was a little stumped. We celebrate so many occasions for so many years that the ideas are running out now!
When he sees a Gorjuss Girl with the little skull in her hair he says it looks like me (I wish) so I chose that as a base idea:

I have been meaning to try Promarkers since there was a 20% off coupon a few months ago and it never happened! I finally used them here for her hair, cheeks and face. I love the way the strokes blend into one another and the end result is a cleaner, professional result. I can't help missing my watercolours and own artistic license though, and think I am definitely not converted.
And alas I must leave you again.
Before I depart, I really have to share and laugh about our adventure out for dinner last night. We had planned to go to this amazing Indian restaurant where we first went 6 years ago, when we arrived it was dreadfully busy and the only available car parking space was too far for Lee to walk. We decided to go on a drive and find somewhere new. Lee knew the way to somewhere.. and around half an hour later with a completed tour of Shropshires thinnest country roads.. we eventually ended up at the Wrekin?! In the end we went to the exact pub eatery we go to every single time we go out haha!!
The food was amazing though. Holy cholestrol Batman!
Now you have evidence of two amazing events. Husbands can still be romantic and spontaneous.. and Mel still crafts ;)
Look out for more soon! I totally forgot to photograph my new Twilight bracelet Lee bought me for my birthday.. watch this space :)
Today I am greatful for my amazing friends. I have had the best fun this past month and the positivity is just breeding itself evermore. A special thank you to sunshine - you know who you are ;)
Mel x
P.S - There are now watermarks on my photographs of work due to law changes, I won't bore you but basically it is for my protection ;)


melissa75 said...

That hotel looks lovely - I bet you had a fab time.
Gorgeous creations as always. I love the glittery red stockings on your gorjuss girl, and your pop up card is great. Beautiful father's day cards too - I always struggle with men's cards.

Ellie said...

you know all the best people were born in wrekin ;O)