Friday, April 24, 2009

Scrapbook Apprentice sneak peeks!

Well It is that time of year again where I update my blog (groans eminate from the audience) Nah seriously, I haven't updated a while due to family issues and I apologise... Where are my manners?

My latest projects are handed in and the brand new Gorjuss stamps dropped through my letterbox.. Guess what I played with ALL day! There is nothing better than therapeutic watercolouring whilst chatting to a friend over superhero costumes and Richard O'Brien.

Geesh.. I think the sun's shining through my clouds again.. Thank goodness for that!

Anyway, back to my absence, please allow me to make up with an extra large serving of Next months sneaks peeks for the Scrapbook Apprentice.. Yee Ha!

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the sneak peek of my bobbly carpet there, soon to be replaced by the oak floor that is waiting in the hallway for permission to land.

I am going to view a house on monday and if they accept I could be living there within 4 weeks, I can't even tell you how scared and excited I am. Very sad because I will be leaving behind every amazing memory I had here.. Planning weddings, departing on honeymoons, 5 Christmas's, 2 children and even a labour in my front room! Ive been waiting five years for an ideal property for Lee's needs and now one is here I am shellshocked trying to work out how I can fit my house into less than one million boxes. All this just to live closer to my sister!

This month I am finding great happiness and strength from these little dudes:

This photograph just makes me feel like I did something right as a mother and reminds me of how beautiful and innocent they are. Look at the love. My kids are amazing (Yes I am biased) and if you hate kids and can't appreciate the cuteness of shoving 5 teddybears into one giftbag, then check out the sunshine!

P.S My son really does have a microphone in his hand..?! I blame Rock Band!

And then there is this little monkey:

I don't know what makes me laugh more, my mums crazy Easter cake or the fact my nephew believes he can fit it all in and pick out the feathers later. Pure beautiful. Chickens look a bit freaked out though.

I finished all of the Twilight books in 5 days flat but awoke with temporary blindness which was the most scariest thing I have been through in a long time. I seriously contemplated how life would be never scrapping again.. the tragedy! Warning: Don't read from 8pm through to 4am without a break to turn on a light. D'oh. When I got to the end I felt empty and sadness that it was all over. That will teach me to gorge on books until they are used up.

I have found this brilliant site:

Go check it out! I am in absolute stitches reading the mishaps, I have got a fair few that could go there.

Enjoy your weekend and thank you my friends for your support this month when I needed you most x

Positive happy thoughts, life's too short.

♥♥ Mel ♥♥


Rainmac said...

Words fail me Mel, your work is so beautiful, so heartfelt, so fantastic, so very you. I love it, love the pics of the little people too xxx

Chocolate Orange said...

Love the new stuff Mel, cant wait to see your work 'big'.
Logan and Emily look so cute in that picture..Such love. Hope theres a page coming from that picture ?
I love the photo of your nephew also...Cake looks yummy

Big H said...

Aww Mel those pics of the kiddies are so cute! And I love your new work, you're an inspiration to me! :) xx

furrypig said...

can't wait to see your work in full soon!! Good luck with the scrapbook apprentice. Logan looks so grown up really seet pic!

Katy said...

Know how you feel about the Twilight books! Read the first one in just one sitting! I'm just about to launch into the fourth, but i've been waylaid by the leaked 10 chapters of Edwards of the first book!

Heather - - said...

Thanks for mentioning CraftFail - we would love to have your fails! :)