Tuesday, March 03, 2009

You say potato I say potato

I have been really enjoying a month of toddler mayhem as they were both away from school due to half term and then illnesses. I think a perfect family month was just what I needed to get my creativity flowing again and I feel really inspired to scrap again. Thank goodness!

I really miss my sister as we have never been apart.. If I wasn't strangling her then I was playing monopoly with her. Now we live half an hour away it is really hard. I tried to get her into crafting but then she went and had a newborn TSK!! FINALLY I got her to get the stuff back out again and we have been scrapping together via webcam. I have loved every second just getting to be with her again... This is what I created last night:

I had so much fun playing with Basic Grey, it's such a shame they don't work with DO anymore.
My sister made a layout about me last night.. made me bawl my eyes out!! Emotion is great for the soul sometimes.. just to get a release and then let some happiness back in.

My team on UKS is currently conducting a swap with a different theme set each month. This month was a task set by me to create 50 journalling prompts to get your swappee scrapping again. Here is what I came up with for my friend Niamh:
A little envelope paperbag book to record her answers:

Inside I have slipped a co-ordinating envelope full of 50 prompts:
I really hope she will like it and that the prompts will get her thinking. I love to get people crafting :)
I was just playing Mr.Potato head with Logan when he messed the face up and said 'Look mommy.. potasso (Picaso lol)' which is SO funny.. got to love Toy Story!! He needed another nose and exclaimed 'Hang on.. I will just get one out of his ass'.. Oh dear me. Fair enough though, they are stored in his bottom and daddy did let him play Skate 2 which taught him the word 'ass'. What are dads good for if not undoing all our hard work, eh??!
Peace and love
♥♥ Mel ♥♥


Jo Power said...

I love your book that you made what a great way to get things going again. Love the layout its so cute.

furrypig said...

Finally an update on my scrapbook idol's blog!!!

I loved that layout and the book is way cute!!

Liberty :) said...

aww your Son looks just like his mommy!! :)

Gorgeous work as ever.

Love the book! Are the papers basic grey 'sugared'? I was almost tempted into buying a paper pad of this this morning...

Melissa said...

That layout is divine Mel

melissa75 said...

Beautiful stuff Mel. I love how you create your projects and manage to use such a variety of embellishments, it all comes together so perfectly.