Friday, March 13, 2009

Our NEC hobbycrafts meet up

I just came back from a meet up at the Hobbycrafts Birmingham NEC show and it was such a blast!

When I left the house this morning I seriously wanted to tell Lee to take me home.. I couldn't stand walking away from my family and stepping onto a train into somewhere unknown. I haven't really been on a train since mine derailed a few years ago so the memories flooded back and as the train got full to the brim (I travelled both ways during rush hour) I could feel the panic setting in.
As I stopped at New Street I somehow managed to walk up 2 flights of stairs, through a corridor.. down 2 flights of stairs and be back where I started! I waited ten minutes feeling a little childlike with my legs dangling and swinging from the bench and then I decided to walk a bit to see if I had missed K. Right on queue a train rolled in and I saw her cheeky smile under her trilby from her bright red lips. We hugged, she offered me a lolly and we joked how I had took her favourite sort then chatted like we had always known each other.

Next to arrive was Melissa. I have spoken via PM to this wonderful woman for about 6 months now and she is just so lovely and calming to be around. I have never seen her in my life but I recognised her straight away and it was hugs all round. Lovely to see her and her baby bump looking so well aww!!

Then there was Oona.. my word the party started. She is such a nutter I didn't know whether to laugh or run for my life. Oona is so down to earth and funny you can't help but just love her instantly. Every family in the world needs an Oona.. she is certainly a good time girl.

We all got on the train to the international and there were no seats so I stood up and let the lazy cows sit down.. just messing!! I was standing with my bottom in Ks face then I had to let a man past so I had it in Oonas face.. it was so funny. I said 'this is how dogs meet!' LOL. Then Oonas phone kept going off and it was the loudest old fashioned ring you have ever heard. We was all dying and she didn't care.. she is a star.

We got off at the international and I swear these lot just walked straight past Sarah!! how rude!! LOL I recognised her and it was so nice to meet her. She has such a great posture.. I know that is weird but I couldn't help notice how she is so immaculately presented and so wonderful to talk to. It is so nice to meet someone who listens and gives you something back because they genuinely care.

In walks Ruth.. oh my goodness talk-a-lotta-Ruth (says I). She is like the most darling beautiful lady ever. She is so perfect I wanted to marry her or something she is adorable. Then she presents us all with presents and a pyramid full of kisses in homage to RUSTY How cute is that!! This lady is just so full of goodness she is practically a saint if it wasn't for her nobbly adventures... :D:D

Thank you Molly for my lovely lickle Furrypiglet it was so very perfect and my favourite highlight of the day xx

When I got home I noticed the tag and what Ruth wrote bought tears. She is really a special someone.
I kept losing everyone all day but we had a great time and it was sad to leave each other. Me and K went off together and we had pretty much been together all day. I don't know how she felt but I really felt like I had always known her. We had such a laugh together and she was always there for me, as was I for her.

I can't even tell you how much fun I had today but right now I am absolutely knackered. Sore from the laughing, fatigued from the long journeys and fretting. It was worth every second.

Thank you so much to all of you for a really special day x
(I'll slip you a tenner later for all the 'you look younger in RL comments haha)


furrypig said...

WOW You make it sound like we liked each other!!!


i had a fab day so thanks Mel for suggesting it (it was you wasn't it??)

fab piccies too and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful words you wrote about me!! luv ya xxx

furrypig said...

WOW You make it sound like we liked each other!!!


i had a fab day so thanks Mel for suggesting it (it was you wasn't it??)

fab piccies too and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful words you wrote about me!! luv ya xxx

Rusty said...

Beautiful pictures, you all look like you had so much fun together. I am so sorry I couldn't make it but my name is on top of the list next time.
You all look absolutely beautiful.

Hope you had a fantastic day together

Tams xxx

Padster said...

How brill to put faces to the names!

You look like you had a fantastic day and I'm sorry I missed out

Mhaggie said...

oooh! you are all real people..!
glad you all had a great day, what did you buy?

melissa75 said...

What a really lovely way of remembering our day. Some great pics too except mine, my face looks bizarre, but I'm glad you couldn't see my double chin. It was great to meet such a great group of ladies!!

Liberty :) said...

aww you are all so beautiful! i hope you had a fabulous day :) looks like you did ! go the thrifty giftys! XX

Rainmac said...

I loved the day, thanks so much for posting your fab photos x

Anonymous said...

Aww looks like you all had a fab time, a shame I couldn't join all you crazy MSE girlies! Can't wait for Rudolph Day this month tho!