Saturday, March 14, 2009

My craft bargains from hobbycrafts NEC thrifty day out!

Can I add that I am not so insane that I have put gaps all over my blog post.. TSK! Sort it out blogger!!
I have been asked a few times to show what I bought but I have been far too tired to get the cam out and snap everything.

I was so shopping unsatisfied yesterday I had to go to Hobbycraft today for a browse and then accidentally bought a Subway with tons of olives and gherkins and jalapenos (I had a serious craving) and took the kids to feed the ducks. They have never fed ducks before and were a little tedious about going too close to the water (actually that's a lie.. Ez would have jumped in if I wasn't holding the frills of her coat!) I gave the kids the crusts from their sandwiches (Lee had made them a packed lunch as I freak about them eating too much takeaway) and as I was explaining about ripping the bread up I turned around and Emily was eating it!! She eventually gathered she needed to throw it but the ducks just ran off (I don't blame then in Wolverhampton!). Logey, being a typical Logan.. threw the whole load in as one and it made a huge splash. This caught the ducks attention and they swam over (Hurray) and you should have heard Logan squeal with excitement. He is such a special little one. We trekked back through the bushes to the car and had a warm.

I forgot to mention when I got out of the car I forgot I had undone my trousers for Subway (ahem) and they nearly came down LOL I then went to Sainsburys for a few things and was thirsty so I accidentally bought 4 loads of juice, 2 bottles of pop, 4 packs of cans, 2 loads of milk and 2 milkshakes. Yeh... It was all good!!

I just sat my lazy bottom down after finally taking some pictures of my stash haul yesterday. Hope you think it was worth it you slave drivers!!

First up (This sounds a bit like an auction daint it!) 2 copies of Crafts Beautiful for THREE pounds!! *shocked face* BARGAIN!

The Magnolia stand was pants.. then I get told there is a Magnolia bargain bucket.. YIKES!!! I hot foot it over there and get distracted by pretties whilst K goes straight for the good stuff. She scores this cute father christmas.. god damnit K there best be one left for me.. and yes, there was!!
The other is a cute 'fairground style' ticket. Prices shown!!

There was a stall with loads of pretties for 1 pounds. I love pretties! They was sparkling and asking to come home. The wings were 20p and I had to have them as I am obsessed with wings (my husband wrestles as The Arch-Angel)
I forgot to add them silver bows to my next picture.. tsk!!

There was this awesome stall where everything was a pound or 12 for a tenner. Me and K went halves after she was a genius and did the maths.
I have blades and tape mwahahaha!! Just kidding. OMG I totally forgot when I got home my tape had unravelled and stuck everything together inside my bag LOL!!

Absolute first thing I buyed!! These two ribbons OMG lush or what. The black sorta decorative length is exactly like prima so I was very happy and although they was ahem 1 pounds and 1.50 respectively.. I had to have them!

The new Smirk range is SO cute I had to hold fire on a few things because they was a tad too expensive but this ribbon was so cheeky it just matched my boy completely.. 99p!! 'heartbreaker' hehe!!
Log is train mad and Ezzy is always carrying 'rabbit' or 'teddy' (they have very clever names) so I chose these stamps as I missed them. 3.50 and 3.00 respectively. Thats a good word isn't it.

Me and Sarah have a mutual appreciation for flowers but I could only find stupidly priced Primas everywhere. As soon as she had gone I spotted these.. 20 for 1.30. I love them so bad!! You can get them from and she also has a code for 10% off but it ends tomorrow. I think it was loyal10

We spent a lot of time (and even more money) at I would have never usually stopped at this stall but Sarah raved about them and then I saw their examples. This lady produces stunning work and really goes 'back to basics' instead of using the latest stash.
The offer was 50p for a diecut pearl 12x12 or 4.50 for 10 sheets. Let's get 10!!

This was some of the pearl paper I used in my ten too. The pics are rubbish because I have low light (it is half nine!!)

OoOo these were also from the same stall.. look at how brilliant these are... legless brads!! 100 for a pound is a steal and should save me a fortune so very thrifty!!
This shop has loads of books available for a bargain 1.95. I was in love and got one for me and one for Emma!!
Great, quick service and a lovely well presented stall. I will visit their site soon for sure!

OhMiGosh the stamps were 9.99 but OMG they say rock on and the guitar has broken strings and I have Rockstar papers and we play guitar hero and Lee plays drums and and and STUFF IT I am buying them! I plan to make some pendants using these. One days..
The other stamps were too cute to refuse and at 1.50.. I satisfied my Imaginisce cravings.

I only have the vintage pack of these brush markers so I picked up a basic colours back for a bargainous 7.99. Yee Ha!

Went a bit crazy at the fabric transfer stall.. WOWzers.. could have bought it all!! I got these for Lee's wrestling costumes and will use anything else he don't want.

1.99 for the big crosses, 1.30 for the little things.

Lees happy 'woooo yeh' Priceless!!

I am going to get out of here now and try to make some awesomely kinda attempt at a christmas card with my new magnolias EEK I wubs Magnolia.. did you know that?
P.S I Went out today in my NBC hoody with my NBC purse and my NBC keyring and my NBC badge but I left the NBC mask till I got home. I loves yer Ruth!!!
Peace and Love
♥♥ Mel ♥♥


furrypig said...

glad you love me!!

Right back at you!!!

Padster said...

Fab stash Mel!

We so love Mei Flower - usually referred to by my friends as the carp stall! Their bags are just the right size for 6x6 papers - not that i have any LOL!

Chocolate Orange said...

Loooove the mask Mel :O)

You have lots of goodies there, i just checked through my goodies. I didnt spend as much as i first thought !!!

So going to have a look at craftworkcards ;O)
Wish i had the £1 stalls web address if they had one.That stall was soooo good.

Mhaggie said...

Looks like you got loads of lovely stuff....I'm quite a nosy person really and love seeing what other people have!

I love the bunny stamp!
Glad you all had fun!!

Liberty :) said...

loads of great stash!

K said...

looking very stylish Mel

Choccy, the £1 stall (12 for £10) is

Papoosue said...

Hi Mel, what a great haul! I bought those Rockstar Stamps a couple of weeks ago - they are awesome aren't they? x

melissa75 said...

You got some great stuff there, I wish I had got some of those flowers - they are so pretty. I spent Saturday night organising my flowers so that I could see what colours I needed.

Jo Power said...

Great stash well done on your bargins. Your the type of person I need to follow around I would have spent a fortune. xx

Dynamite said...

Damn Mel!

With that mask, you fit in with The Mercenaries splendidly. :)

Keep up the great work, and good stuff. :)

You're great! :)


Craft Fairy said...

Wow, Mel, you did have a good time. I'm glad that you like the flowers and that you got them as they sold out in most colours. I'm doing my best to get more in for the next fair at Alexandra Palace in April.
You've made fantastic things with the magnolias. I love them too and want them as badly as you do.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Hobby crafts said...

Great mask & great work! Well done!