Monday, March 16, 2009

Magnolia gives me heart palpitations

I know that Magnolia is a little like Marmite. You either love their cute little moomin resemblance.. or simply despise their 'no-nosed' existence. As everyone who knows me will confirm.. I LOVE Magnolia like my first born child.

I was hoarding some serious new stamps lately that I scored from the Glitter Pot sale so I had to use one last night. I don't know why but it took me all night to make this one card and I didnt even take a good photograph..
SO here is a strange coloured but I promise cute in real life card:
You can see the true colours much better in the close-ups:
This time, I cut out all of the detailings in Tildas hair and curled them.. You have to see it in real life to know what it looks like!!

I will try and get a bit more creating done soon but I have got to get my creativity scrapbook apprentice work finished and posted.. the deadline is the 20th!!

Love and Peace

♥♥ Mel ♥♥


K said...

She is beautiful Mel, love the flicks in her hair

Liberty :) said...

I am not a fan of (a) stamps and (b) magnolia BUT you manage to make all of the cards you make absolutely gorge! I always love the colours and the detail. The curls in the hair are the cutest. Well done you. I am excited to see more scrapbook apprentice work too xxx

melissa75 said...

That card is absolutely beautiful Mel. I have spent the evening colouring in the last of my magnolia stamped images that I bought of ebay, some of them are rubbish and they're getting thrown in the bin, but I've got about four that I'm quite pleased with, so I'm going to try and make some cards with them, they wont be as fab as yours though!!

furrypig said...

I am undecided about magnolia stamps but I love your cards!! I really like your attention to detail especially the butterlies!

Padster said...

The card is beautiful Mel - not sure about the magnolia stamps how does she smell lol!

No wonder it took you all evening to do the detail is amazing.


Gemma said...

wow that is sooo gorgeous, you are very talented :) love all the detailing, I can see why it took you ages! xx

Fabrizio said...

Stunning card Melanie ! I found you through your post on Leonie's. The work on the hair is amazing. X Fab

Crafty Chris said...

Love the card, haven't tried scrapbooking yet, thanks for stopping by earlier, i do love blog hopping, hey you got fantastic bargains.

Chocolate Orange said...

Well Mel.... i luurve her :O)

I hope one day i can produce something as beautiful

I have never tried stamping and i am not sure about these Magnolia stamps.. They need noses. Get your prickey stick out ;O) xx

Rusty said...

Love it! Fantastic as always Mel xxx

Mhaggie said...

well I don't like marmite but i do like your card1
It's gorgeous x