Monday, February 09, 2009

Scrapbooking the snow and my gothic princess Emily

I haven't updated the blog for ages but I have been feeling so uninspired. Occasionally this mood hits me and I can't seem to produce anything other than frustration.. SO I kick back.. watch Lost and enjoy some Rock Band with my husband.

This weekend was the cybercrop and I only managed to produce the first two classes before I had to be reclaimed as a mother again but it sure was fun.. Mostly because my incredibly talented friend Anni provided the second class :)
Artbase Class 1: (My version)

Black and Blue Class 2 - Anni Barnett (my version):

I bought these awesome sorta gothic embellishments a century ago and they have been sitting there like some rare diamonds in a craft box shrine. I collect anything remotely awesome to my style and they all sit in this box, totally loved but never used. WASTE!! I have now turned into this insane mad woman who wants to use all of her stash RIGHT NOW!!

I think it worked out good for me though, I love this layout of my gothic princess:

I don't abuse my daughter and make her wear symbols of death for my own enjoyment, she picked that top herself :D She does however absolutely LOVE pink (wonder where she got that from..?) and I had to scrap her first day at nursery:

Like, dude.. even the wellys are pink!! Can you tell the gwuvs n packpack are hand me downs from bro? I mean.. there is only a year between them to be fair!
We have had awesome snow here and although I am not enjoying the cold and rheumatism, I am loving seeing the kids faces light up and the GIANT snowballs Emily seems to find. Who hasn't scrapped their snow pics.. Like.. Immediately!! Here are mine:

OK, if you click these images it should make them bigger so you can see them in their true beautifulness. This rule does not apply to everything. I stuck my finger in a cake.. did not make it bigger... Had to then eat the cake as I had stuck my finger in it.. shame.
I have recentely received an award from a wonderful fellow apprentice, Sarah Carrington. Her work is so stunning and she has just revealed her sneak peeks for the next round of The Scrapbook apprentice... Go check them out:

So to accept this award I have to:
1) first list 10 honest things about yourself and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! 2) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap

Ok here goes:
1) I have been making love 'on the dangerous side of life' for 2 years now and nothing has happened. It seems like every single friend of mine has become pregnant, even ones that really didn't want to. Every time I see a baby it kills me inside because I feel as though it is a reminder that I'm not good enough to get pregnant.
2) Whenever I go out, I always feel as though everyone is staring at me and whispering.
3) I am a very withdrawn person but everyone thinks I am the life of the party.
4) I have OCD but I am now able to control it.
5) I am a hard friend to have. One minute I will be your best friend, the next I will be gone. I am too scared to get close to people.
6) I am always right. ALWAYS. I hate to be wrong. I also hate people that think they're right all the time. Morons..see the irony?
7) I used to write songs. Sometimes those songs would be scary as hell. I guess they was my way of scrapbooking before I discovered the hobby!
8) I hate my body. If there is a mirror I will try to blank it out otherwise I will be down about it all day.
9) I can eat a whole big bag on sensations in one sitting.
10) When I go to McDonalds I have a chicken mayo AS WELL as a fillet o fish meal..

OK so there you go.. freak of the week unleashed.

Stay safe x


JordanShannon said...

Mel all of your creations are gorgeous, I LOVE your work!!! <3

K said...

((((((big hug))))), just because after reading those comments I felt like giving you one xx

Liberty :) said...

Gorgeous blog pics as always and a very very honest account of who you are. I love it :)

Jo Power said...

I love your layouts and all the bits I have seen on your blog. Oh by the way love your blog. xx

Anni said...

I love looking at your blog - the LO's are always amazing and you are so honest about yourself

Dappyme said...

Mel, your work never ceases to amaze me. You are trule amazing and I love ya! (((hugs)))

furrypig said...

Mel your honesty made me cry (well it is 6 in the morning here!)I feel lucky that you shared with us and lucky to count you as a friend. Sending hugs your way xxx

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the gothic princess and the snow layouts! Gorgeous.

Nina said...

Wonderful LO's. And I realy admire your honesty. x

K said...

Hi Mel, where did you get those icey letters, they look gorgeous! very effective, just noticed you asked on my blog about my craft cupboard - took 2 days! & I still have a tub of paper to sort out, lol. Its soooo much easier to use though, I can go almost directly to what I want & not have to battle to get it, Just need to put a lock on it now to stop LO going in & helping himself, hate to curb his artistic side but drawing on newly painted doors is a tad annoying.

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Truely honest mel. Its loverly seeimg insight to how you tick. Thanks for sharing. I share quite a few of those truths as well.