Saturday, January 17, 2009

UKScrappers Team Scrapbooking Class - 'Blank Canvas'

Hello everybody and welcome to my 'Blank canvas' tutorial which is suitable for beginners and crafters who love to create timeless pieces. This class can be converted into a layout, the cover for a mini book, a photoframe.. Your imagination is your limit! Whatever you choose to create, I would love to see it :)

(If you have a blank canvas or you are making a layout then you can skip to step 2)

1. Take your white textured cardstock and outline enough to cover your canvas. If your canvas is too large, you can push two pieces of cardstock together and it will be hardly noticeable. Cut out your card and apply a strong adhesive such as double sided tape or PVA to the canvas then apply the card to give a nice, clean, white canvas.

2. Take a black foam inkpad and hold it at a 40 degree angle. Softly rub the inkpad over the edges of your canvas or page to give a soft edging.

3. Take your 8x10, 2x2, 3x2 photographs and mount them onto the pink cardstock leaving a border of around 3mm. I have chose to convert my photographs to black and white to avoid colour clashes.

4. Taking your flourishes (You can download some from the internet to cut out, hand cut your own, use chipboard flourishes or die cuts) Paint them white. Next, find a stamp with text or a simple pattern that could be used as a background.. perhaps a heart? Ink it up black and apply the stamp randomly but evenly covered to your flourish. Finish off with a brown inkpad gently around the edges.

5. Arrange your photographs and flourishes onto your canvas/layout. You do not need to put them into the same position as I have. You could try turning the canvas landscape or re-arranging the pictures. Do not stick them down yet!

6. Find a quote you feel matches your photographs or get creative with a bit of journalling! Print it out onto a 1 x 5 inch strip and mount onto your pink cardstock, again with a 3mm border. Now you can arrange your items under your main photograph. Take your alphas (You could hand-cut these from your favourite paper or a co-ordinating cardstock colour) and create the title. Underneath your title place your quote and then finish with a statement piece of ribbon or fabric cut a little narrower underneath.

If everything looks good to you, you can now stick it all down. Don't forget to use double sided tape for your ribbon as glue will seep through.

7. We now have a great canvas or layout but we want to make it more unique and finish it off perfectly. Here are my hints and tips:

+ The human eye loves to see things in odd numbers but not alone, so I try to keep my embellishments in groups of three.

+ A well balanced layout will carry the eye around the page. You can achieve this by creating a visual triangle. See how I applied those two eye-catching brads, the rose in the bottom left hand corner and the butterfly in the top right hand corner. This has created a triangle around my whole page and the brain will find this much more attractive. Strange but true!

+ Avoid white space! Try to keep everything close together so that you do not leave any huge gaps inbetween your page elements. The eye does not like gaps as it will focus on them and therefore tell your brain the page is boring! It does not matter if you have space around your work, just not inbetween!

+ I have used metal brads to hold my butterfly wire in place. The roses have wires which have been put through pierced holes in the canvas and taped at the back out of sight. Remember to always be on the lookout for any bargains you could use on your pages!

You should now have a beautiful piece of artwork to treasure. I hope you have enjoyed this class and have found it useful :)

Melanie Marshall x


melissa75 said...

Absolutely beautiful picture Mel - you are such an artist! I love all of the embellishments that you've used - you are so original.

Leanie said...

That is lovely, I keep saying I'll try a canvas, and you've inspired me - have bought the printable fabric and everything!
Leanne x

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely idea. I have 3 blank canvases that I wasnt quite sure what to do with them.
Citrine :-)

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Wow Mel, what a loverly class. Well done

Nina said...


Anonymous said...

I congratulate, it seems brilliant idea to me is