Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Stamping tutorial

I have recentely spent some time making a few cards and people liked my Magnolia colouring. After a good friend asked me if I would make a tutorial I hesitantly agreed..

.. A big step for a shy girl :)

Here are the cards that got me in this mess:

And here is the tutorial.. albeit with my flu-ey voice and a rubbish quality.. sorry guys.. best I can do!! If you have any questionsor requests please leave a comment..


Liberty :) said...

Aww bless your posh voice! :) A very great tutorial miss mel!

joanold said...

Wonderful tutorial. I'vealways wondered how you used brush markers for watercolouring. You have a lovely voice for teaching, too.

furrypig said...

Fab tutorial Mel I laughed out loud (in a good way obviously!!)

I hope you get to present for real sometime (mainly because you will have a professional cameraman!!)

Have you done anything else on you tube (craft related that is!!) I can watch???

bevb ( UKS) said...

Fab tutorial!!! I got a Tilda stamp in my Advent swap so am off to have a play. Great tips on watercolouring...something I havent been able to do without making a mess !!!!!!!!

melissa75 said...

Really helpful tutorial Mel. I have to buy some pens now and a water pen! I have always really struggled when it comes to colouring in stamped images, but inspired by your tutorial I really want to try again.

Sue said...

Great tutorial, very informative and loved your comments! I have some Whispers brushstrokes and a watercolour brush but hadn't used either yet so thank you so much for showing me how to use them. Your cards are lovely.

Will add you to my blog, if that's ok so I can pop back and see what else you've been up to :-)


Eleni said...

Fabulous tutorial Melanie ... you've inspired me! :) Love your humorous comments throughout the video ... had me in giggles!

Sav said...

A great tutorial and love your cards, a fantastic inspiration.

Jane said...

Very enjoyable tutorial, love your shading on the stamps. Thanks for sharing.

xrysa said...

I received a birthday card made the same way by Eleni. When she was asked about that technic she upload your video stamping tutorial that was her inpiration as she said.... Well you are going to be an inspiration to me too!! Thank you!!!

Justbecauseitmakesmesmile said...

Thank you a million times!!
As daft as it sounds I didn't realise those pens could do that - I've had them for 3 years!!!!