Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Magnolia cards and a recipe book.. Brr freezing!

Wow it is so cold again.. I thought we was over this?

I just found out that a new cybercrop is starting over on UKS and my team is 'Interpol'. I SO wanted to be CSI but I guess I get to be with Anni and Melissa now which is totally cool in my book :D

I have been working on cards lately as my mojo has got up and left but I hate to leave myself stale for so long as I just lose it completely.

Here is a recipe book I made from a plain index file for Logans teacher who left. She is a sweetheart and always cooks with the children so I thought it would be a nice parting gift:

And here is the inside cover:

I have been working out my stamps lately and trying to use up all of my scraps. Starting first with the beautiful Tilda stamps froms Magnolia and my scraps from the second Scrapbook Apprentice assignment:

This is the card I made to go along with the recipe book:

And dare I admit to starting my christmas cards for next year ALREADY??

The same stamp but a very different look when using the different colourways, Well.. I think so anyway!!
I have recentely gained some new blog readers and followers.. thank you SO much for coming to see my work. As a little girl I always loved to receive post.. it was just So exciting! When I receive a comment it really brings back that feeling so thank you very much to those that took the time to leave something.. I appreciate it and return the love x


melissa75 said...

The recipe book is a lovely idea, I bet she will be thrilled to bits, and the matching card is gorgeous too!
I love your xmas cards too, I wanted to do something similar with ribbon on mine, but I coulldn't tie a nice bow - I don't know if my ribbon is too skinny! Fabulous cards anyway, I would love to receive such a special card!

furrypig said...

beautiful work as usual Mel that teacher will be chuffed to bits how personal and a real keepsake.

Cards are lovely nothing like forward planning for Christmas xxx

Paula said...

Hi mel yes ive had my own blog for a while now sorry thought everyone knew about it.
Your cards are beautiful.
Paula xxxx

Tonniece said...

Awesome cards.
And I like you craft space and storage.

xrysa said...

Hello there! I would like to ask if it isn't to much trouble for you, for more photos of the recipe book... from the inside. A friend of mine is trying to do something like this and she cannot understand how have you the inside pages done! Please if you want to help upload some more photos or send them to Thank you!!!!