Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Craft bargains.. Had to share cheap stash!

In my stamping tutorial (see a few posts down) I used some Whispers brush markers and have been asked about these frequently ever since. Well my wonderful friend JordanShannon found them at a bargain price at

9.99... BOGOF!

Basic Colours

Vintage Colours

Pastel Colours:

Free p+p on a spend over 40.. How great is that!

If you are after cheap Magnolia stamps, I just ordered a shed load from sale.. help I am an addict!!


furrypig said...

sadly they don't seem to be bogof anymore looked earlier after jordan shannon posted and again now and no bogof boo hoo!!

furrypig said...

Hey these are back on the website and I managed to get some YIPEEEE!!!

JordanShannon said...

Thanks mel i feel really honoured that you thinks i'm a wonderful friend..... I even double and triple checked to make there's no-one else by that name :D
Nearly made me cry :)