Monday, January 05, 2009

Another one bites the dust!

Hello readers,

Allow me to offer a feeble apology for not blogging over the Christmas period. I had such an awful flu and it totally floored me. 3 months of preparing for Christmas and when the time came around I was too ill to enjoy it. Ah well.. C'est La Vie!

My Brother in law is expecting.. well.. his wife is :) I decided to make them a baby book to record all of their pregnancy journey.

It was a joy to make this for them and I hope they love and cherish it in years to come when they look back on such a special time.
It seems like only yesterday when I had my beautiful daughter Emily. In a month she will be 3... THREE. She is such a big girl now and that is mainly thanks to her brother. She has an amazing vocabulary and behaves like a little princess.
Why am I reminiscing? Because my little girl started nursery today. My baby is not such a baby anymore.

The last one is my absolute favourite picture. I sent her to nursery with double plaits and she looked so cute. They already love her there because this is Logans nursery. Logan goes 5 days a week mornings, Emily Monday and Tuesday afternoon. It is such a rush but so worth it to see her smiling face behind her backpack.
Mommy: Emily did you enjoy school today
Emily: *excited* Ohhhh, Yeah i's did!
Mommy: What did you do there?
Emily: I did diggings
Mommy: WOW where did you dig?
Emily: At school
Well I did ask LOL
When we went to pick Emily up from school daddy went in to get her and I stayed in the car with logan. It had been thick snowing so I grabbed Logey out the car and we played in beautiful untouched snow making a mess and snowball fighting. Daddy came back and caught us. Emily came trundling towards me with a GIANT snowball.. it could have been a snowmans head!!
I love having these special moments as a family.
Tree comes down tomorrow.. *sob*


Ellie said...

oh bless her!! i cant believe she is nearly three!!! they need to stop growing!!

furrypig said...

Beautiful baby book Mel it will be treasured I'm sure. Your daughter looks sooo cute!

Dappyme said...

Wow Mel, gorgeous baby book and hasn't your baby gone and grown up all of a sudden! :) So cute!

Liberty :) said...

She is so cute! Good luck to her at school!! :)

The book is absolutely GORGEOUS! Will you make one for meeeeeeee (in about 5 years!!) ?!?! Only kidding but its absolutely lovely. Did you buy the book then decorate or make the book from scratch? Lovely lovely :) Well done you!

Hysteri-CAL said...

Awwwww what a little cutie pie !

Kat said...

A beautiful baby book Melanie! Love it. Could I scraplift it??