Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Good mor..Goodness is that the time?

WOW I didn't realise it was 2 in the PM already. Where does time go?

My good friend Doug informed me last night that he reads my blog. Aside from being completely embarassed I was really flattered. So if you're reading.. Hi Doug!!

I am not going to check on the voting at Scrapbook Apprentice. I only have 9 friends who are into crafting that I could bribe to vote for me. NINE? When I checked and saw I had two votes and someone else had about 36 I decided it would make me feel stressed inside if I keep looking and I don't want it to loom over my Christmas! The weird thing is.. I felt more sick for the people who had 0 votes. I voted for one of them.. Was that naughty?? :D

Anyway.. no looking now for 27 days.

I made an advent calender for my daughter this year:

I used the brand new WRMK which I had a handy sample of in the latest issue of Creativity Life! and some GORGEOUS colourbox ink queues around the edges. The queues come in a stack of browns so I could start with a light and build up to a dark to give a good edge gradient.

I have also just completed the first page in my 'journal your christmas' book.

Just a very simple page. For those that know what I am on about, I made my manifesto in the form of a letter to my children.

Dear Logan and Emily,

This will be the second book I have made for you to record our christmas.
Every year we make new traditions, visit festive places and ultimately try to make each Christmas as happy as possible.
I hope that one day you will look back through this book and see how much we love you.

The best thing about Christmas is you.

All our love
Mommy and Daddyxx

I refuse to believe it has been a whole year since I completed this last year. Where does time go?

My brother in law and wife (or should that be brother and sister in law?) have just announced they are trying for a baby.. and then they announced she is pregnant! Geesh guys that was fast work! So a HUGE congratulmalations to you both, I hope everything goes great and this baby brings you great happiness x


Liberty :) said...

Your work as ever is beautiful! Keep up the amazing work! I admired the advent calender on Creativity Life blog yesterday and wanted to do one for next year. Your's is awesome! Hope Emily loves it:)

Beckie Dreyer said...

Hi Mel! Thanks SO much for the really special comment you left on my blog. You made me feel really great! Your entry for the SCrapbook Apprentice is beautiful and I'll be lookng forward to seeing all the other creations you'll make.
Just keep going for it! Life is too short! Enjoy and have fun .... that's what scrapbooking is about hey!
Have a fab day

{ Emma } said...

Oohhhh I have found your blog!

Have also finally found the blog for the Scrapbook Apprentice and I love your entries they are just gorgeous, you're so talented.

Off to have a good nosey round your blog now.


Dynamite said...

Hey Mel! I am reading, and thanks for the shoutout! I still believe you are leading on the Scrapbook Challenge. Please, check ti, and be amazed at how many votes you have!

Doug xxx