Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Rush

Has it really been 13 days or so since I last blogged?

I have been totally rushed off my feet lately. It is Logans birthday on monday, Christmas thursday (Yeh just pop that in there) and I have all of my friends and family wishing to visit me before then. I am only one woman! One very poorly woman who has a cough that feels like her head is going to explode.

When will I get better?? When?
I sounded a bit like Bros there. Them were the days.

I have a blocked nose, a blocked toilet, two poorly children and a box of smashed toys from Tesco.

I finally finished my Scrapbook Apprentice ( work and had so much fun working with the materials. After months of being AWOL my mojo finally came back and I was actually positive about sending this work away. It is so hard to work with such a talented bunch of girls!

Here are the sneak peeks :)

I hope that everyone is enjoying their festivities and having plenty of fun :) The people around here sure know how to decorate for Christmas so practically every night I have been taking two poorly little faces in the nice, warm car to see the lights around the block. Who could resist?

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Lynn said...

the sneaks look lovely Melanie:)