Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Random

I have been trying to clean up my garden lately so scrapbooking has been a bit thin on the ground! I shall, however show you come of my latest creations to keep your attention going long enough to see my toad (hopefully!):

"At bedtime we have a kiss, a nose rubs then a love.. then another kiss! Recentely you have started saying "Giz A Kiss" and laughing mischievously. We always laugh."

When we went to Dudley Zoo emily could only say "uck" (Look) and "Owu" (Owl) LOL everytime she saw anything she was amazed "uck! uck!":

Emilys first birthday:

True Love:
I could think of no better title for a brother and sister like these two :)

My husband used to be a wrestler and I wanted him to journal in a layout I had made about it so that the children could read about an important and obscure part of their daddys life:

So, as I said before I have been doing the garden when Lee moved a box and came across this little dude!

He looks way more scarier in the photograph then I remember! Oh and I found this boy who totally thinks he is a dude!

Daddy taught us about these crazy triffid plants growing in the garden (That is not a hedge, that IS our garden!!) If you squeeze the bottom then the flower pops off and floats to the ground. Despite my mom telling him they are poisonous he let the kids go crazy with them and I loved their little happy expressions at something so cheap and simple as flower popping (Sounds like an 80's dance).

As Lee was digging through the soil to sift out the impurities (archaological digging lol) he found a penny and we was laughing how we had found the hidden treasure. I remembered that when I was little I always used to want money that had my birth year on. Whenever I had my 50p pocket money (My friends used to get a fiver!) I would check it in excitement. Did anyone else ever do this?

Memories :)

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Kirsty Wiseman said...

oooh yummy scrummy layouts and adorable lil girly.
lovin you blog xx