Sunday, June 08, 2008

Friday 6th June - Late. As USUAL!


Last night I had my anniversary shower (ahaha) and when I came out and walked into the bedroom.. there waiting for me was a digital photoframe with the image set as "To my darling wife, Happy anniversary, lots of love Lee xxx" and then when I switched it over it had all the images from our 5 years together. CRIED.. Didn't half!! I said "where did you get the money for this from?" Apparentely, all the times I sent him to get bread from the shop or something, he had saved the change in secret!

Its been a lovely day today and the sun is so hot my head was baking! Had a BBQ and a really nice time with Lee. Every year we buy a new BBQ!! Oh yeah, I went to have my haircut this morning too.. and she said she would only take off a few inches.. then started to cut off like.. 6! :(

Packed it all away now and he comes in looking sheepish with a present. "This present is for your birthday but you might want to play with it now whilst the kids aren't here.. do you want it?" Hmm Tough decision..


*fall to floor in shock*

It was second hand but it appears to all be here and needs a good dust but its just perfect. I am SO happy.

I was up till midnight swearing but managed to eventually cut a flower and glitter it up so i'll post a pic of that tomorrow :D

ETA: Here she is!!

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