Thursday, June 05, 2008

Crazy Times

Tomorrow is my five year anniversary with my DH Lee. It hardly feels like two seconds since we was sat beneath the stars.. stealing a moment for ourselves.. and knowing that we HAD to be together.

This is one of my first layouts but I don't mind sharing it because it has my favourite photograph of all time:

Look how cheesey we are, sitting in a cafe at Dudley Zoo. We look so happy and trully we was but the hidden journalling is all about how at the time we had heartache with conceiving and loss.

It makes me smile to knowthat through our hardest times we was like this.

I made this little book ages ago and never got around to using it. It has lots of envelope pages in so I thought it would be perfect to house all of the love letters we have sent over the years. Sometimes they are just left in noteboooks and when I read them I can't believe the memories.

Today I was watching videos at Lee's nans. Videos of his late grandad Sam and of Lee in 1995. It makes me sad to think I will never meet the man who shaped Lee's life the most, the man who he loved more then anything. It was nice though to see grandad.. puffing in the way Lee has explained in many stories.. He seemed like a wonderful man. It was his birthday this week so happy birthday and I hope you finally got to record your music in peace without nan moaning :D

Speaking of birthdays.. who's 25 on saturday?!

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