Sunday, June 08, 2008

7th June - My Birthday!!

I am 25 today. OMG.. 25? WHAT! Wrong side of twenty.. thirties are fast approaching.. what the hell I remember my mom was 30.. I am never going to be THAT old.

At midnight I opened up my presents. Nan got me some storage tubs (what a true nan present!) and a card that had the heads missing off the decoupage (slightly gothic.. I can roll with that!) Lee got me this:
[img][/img] Which is just so beautiful - I LOVE it!! I had a REALLY gorgeous card from Wendy and I was stoked at the effort in it.

Went to bed at about 3am woke at 9:30 to get to Marc N spudges for breakfast. She is a sweetheart and made me scrambled eggs, fried tomatoes, bacon, sausages, toast and beans. I felt so spoilt and she made me such a gorgeous card too. My brother came back from the shop with some ferrero Rochers for me (which has an in-joke tied to it) and 5 lottery tickets lol. They are paying for me to go out with Soph and get my nails done which will be SO nice. I felt really spoilt and really happy and it was a lovely day. Sophie smashed her best salt and pepper pots.. in two seperate incidents! I was saying how I NEVER smash anything then took my camera off the side, camera strap was looped around a candle.. SMASH. DAMN!!

When I got to moms at 3 she had baked me a lovely cake. I am not really into food at the moment.. have just been feeling really off :( I felt so bad that I didn't eat any as I love my mom and her cake.
She did a really nice buffet and bought me some gorgeous new clothes and a currys voucher! My sister is mental.. she got me this massive storage tub... like knee height and it was full of crafting stuff.. 7 gypsies, heidi swapp, albums, everything!! she also made me a card and it was SO nice. She is really good at crafting. I loved everything she got me and feel awful for her spending so much on me. I love her though x She made me this beautiful scrapbook about Kieren and as you can see I was crying!

Came home.. ate chocs whilst watching big brother and scrapping.

Have got to post pics later of everything so watch this space!!

lots of love.. 25 yr old Mel x

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Dappyme said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday Mel. 25? Ha!!! You're still a baby! lol