Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hello my friend we meet again, it's been a while; where shall we begin? Seem like forever.

Got to love Creed.

It's amazing how lapse you can get at writing in your blog and updating your life when your camera runs out of battery! It's just such an EFFORT to find out the recharger and plug it in!!

I am expecting a stash delivery today of my new BIG BITE YEEEEHHHAA!! Can't wait to have a play with that baby and finally use my grommets!
There is really nothing to report from the Marshall camp other then I am still tired LOL!

UKS has all changed and I can't really say i'm that bothered. I can definitely see why other people would be less amused though as I am a bit geeky and can whip out the old html code thats still in the back of my brain somewhere from that dark dark part of my life. Which reminds me of the skellington story. That has now taken me on to remembering the other day we went to WHSmith to buy the kids some new books and I bought Emily "The hungry caterpillar" YAY! I have still got my copy from when I was little but she deserved her own BIG giant copy. At the end once the caterpillar has eaten all of the food he has stomach ache.. Only yesterday Lee realised Emily was saying "and then he had some stomach cake".

HEHEHHE life is so sweet being in our childrens world :)

Anyway back to UKS (god this girl can talk) I have been trying to get the team back together and creating by starting a race. Each person has the chance to win a prize by completing the challenge I set every single night within 24 hours.

This is the work I have come up with so far:

So I have actually been crafting lately!!!
I have been chosen to be in the Scrapbook inspirations feature "My Favourite layout". That will be so cool but I have got to take a head and shoulders style photo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I hate having photographs taken *sigh*.
Anyway will love yer and leave yer x

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