Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pirate Princess Mini Book

Here are alll the pictures for my mini book.. heaven knows I took alot!!

This book was made for my daughter as a bedtime story to keep forever. It also serves as a little keepsake reminder of our bedtime routine and little in-jokes we had.

book spine:

The books cover:

Here is what the book looks like inside the faux-book:

This is the inside of the faux book: it reads "Dear Emily I wrote this book just for you because you trully are a princess and you deserve your own tale. All my love - Mommy xx"

The book and inner cover that Emily has so far loved to read and handled gently!:

Once upon a time there lived beautiful little princess. She had brown curly hair and a sparkly pink crown. She was so pretty:

She thought to herself "Hmm I wish I could make a pony appear, I love pink ponies". Emily waved her magic wand. But, intead of a magic genie.. Out popped a naughty daddy monster! "Oh NO" cried princess Emily as the daddy took her.

Emily wrote a letter to her brave brother, Prince Logan. "Help please, Save me! The evil daddy moster has got me trapped!"

Prince Logan read the letter.
Prince Logan raced to the rescue on his big white train. He put daddy in the naughty corner for 27 Years!

Emily was so happy to see Logan. He took her to his castle for some chocolate cake and strawberry pop.

Princess Emily returned to her castle and brushed her teeth until they were shiny. She drank up her cold milk and went fast to sleep next to teddy. And she slept happily ever after..


Dappyme said...

Wow Mel, this is gorgeous! What a lovely idea. I love the story and this is something that Emily will keep and treasure forever! You truely are one talented lady! :)

Quackas said...

I adore your book.. wish i was this talented :) Your daughter will treasure this for years to come :wub:

dddeeebbbzzz said...

This is stunning! It's something which will be treasured forever and become a family heirloom. Brilliant!

Beckie aka Bexter said...

OMgoodness! That is just stunning! Love it! SO much to look at and I sure hope your wee one and you have a great time browsing through it in years to come.