Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Friends make the world go round.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Jakii from scrapajack who sent me an AWESOME pile of sassafrass goodies.. Like.. LOADS of the new robotics and a sticker sheet.. and topped it off with.. the love of my life.. THICKERS! *schwooon" You have totally made my week and you are TOO kind. P.S LOVE the hand scribbled note - too cute lol.
I only received it last night so I decided to get a layout made as it was just itching in my hands! This is my adorable boy Logan in his dressing up outfit. "You have so many costumes, we bought many of them before you was even walking! In true Logan style though, you REFUSE to wear one. One day you let daddy put this one on you and you really enjoyed it. Not as much as daddy though, Iron Man is his favourite. 25/04/07"

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Anonymous said...

Youre very welcome, love the layout!

Sorry about the 'scribbled' note, was rushing to get the post and couldnt find a nice card like the one you sent me LOL

Jak x