Friday, April 04, 2008

What's up dudes!

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in what seems like a century but I have been so busy you wouldn't believe it!

Yesterday we went to Thomas Land (HURRAY). The kids get us up at 7am every morning and when we want to go somewhere they don't wake till 9:50!! Still, somehow we managed to get petrol and food, pack and dress (because wearing clothes is always good)and get to Thomas Land, Drayton manor for 10:54!

Everyone who knows Logan will know that he is Thomas crazy. Not like other boys.. he is obsessed! He has played with Thomas for 3 solid years now and he still loves it. So when we pulled up and heard the music going, saw the giant Cranky crane and watched the Jeremy aeroplanes flying over the fence I couldn't help but want to explode! This was like giving my son a dream and to say his little face so happy and perfect.. and my daughters too.. I could have cried or laughed at that moment.
That sounds sad doesn't it.. but I do love my children :)
(Us on the plane.. it was for the kids.. honest)

One of the things I was worried about at Thomas Land was the rides. There was a runaway mine "troublesome Trucks" Rollercoaster", waltzers "Deviant Diesels" etc etc and they looked really scary.

Logan wouldn't go on a ride for anything.. and then I remembered I had bought a chocolate egg from easter for them as a treat and I bribed him with it. When we got on the waltzers, logan picked Rusty and I held him so tight.

That was it.. they kids were both hooked!! Logan loved the rides I thought were too scary the most and Emily is such a daredevil she loved EVERYTHING apart from the rollercoaster because "it hurts my tummy" that'll be the G force!

Speaking of G force.. Lee went on the G force ride because he loves theme parks and since being disabled we haven't been to one. Drayton Manor deserves 10 stars for their service to disabled people. Lifts to every ride, staff that helped with wheelchairs. A ramp onto the Thomas train. It was like being in heaven. I was so proud of Lee for going on a ride that scared the pants off me even though he was just sitting on it like he was bored!

So we will definitely be going back there again :)
Adios readers!
I'll just leave you with a few MORE photos.. I took about 100 so you're really getting off lightly here.. Because i'm a bit of a scary mother sometimes..


{s}crap happens! said...

omg mel it looks fab......looking forward to taking 'h' there when we are back in the uk.

cant wait to see you scrap some pics from this wonderful day out :)

Dappyme said...

Oh wow, what great pics. It looks like you all had a fab day! Joe was always totally obsessed with Thomas when he was little. I wish that had been around then! :)

willowthewysp said...

I have SO got to take my youngest there!!!He adores Thomas!!
Looks like you all had a fab time:)

Ellie said...

nice scalf ;P