Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday 16th April

Here we go again! Seriously craving an indian today (the food)!

Nothing, had to rush out and do loads of things at Merry Hill.

Muller Light Clementine Yoghurt (mmm) Banana, Satsuma, packet of Skips.

Mushroom and wine batchelors pasta N sauce, Quorn Sausages. 2 corn on the cobs (I like 'em!)

Forgot to have my healthy extras ARGH

Today I was shopping with Emily and she was adorable. She really loves Hello Kitty or "sweepy cat" as she calls it. We was in Primark and she was pulling all the necklaces off trying everything on then going "nah" and throwing them back onto the floor. She is such a diva and a sweetheart. We walked about the disney store where she got a tinkerbell sticker and was racing around with a vacuum. Later on she got a bit boisterous as this is only day 2 of trying to go without naps and she gets tired later on. My little girl is so grown up. She had to be bribed out of the bear factory as she wanted the most expensive one in there, which was a Hello! Kitty bear and wouldn't get out!!

Feeling like a macdonalds today.. MMmmMmm

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