Sunday, April 20, 2008

A special project

I got a lovely PM from Jakii asking me to make her one of my door signs if I like. I think she was like.. trying to be nice and make me feel good and now she is getting one of my crappy signs winged to her house.. I hope she loves it because I tried hard!

Also.. look at all that stash.. Thats Killer!

My friend Niamh is sad today and I didn't even know. Love her to pieces so will have to make her something to make her feel better. She is probably crying now saying "no god.. please not MORE stuff made by mel.. my room can't take it!!"



Anonymous said...

oh god allways manage to make me laugh lol....I didn't mention to you on msn cause i know it's still raw for you and i didnt want both of us feeling crappy lol

WUBBS you!!!!!!! and i treasure the things you make me you know that:):)

your work is getting way beyond perfect...i now walk in your shaddows hahaha

love ya

Dappyme said...

Wow Mel, this is gorgeous. You could sell them easily! I'd deffiantely buy one! Love it! :)

Jackie said...

As if!! Of course I wasnt trying just trying to be nice and make you feel good you numpty.

its lovely and I wanted one so **blows raspberry**

Looking forward to receiving it. xx

Jackie said...

what no peel offs?!! pmsl

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