Sunday, April 13, 2008

Product Review: EZ Runner

So, I totally forgot that I had used a new product on my last layout. Infact it was the whole reason I started it! What a doofus!

I signed up to be a blog tester on and was sent a mystery product. I was really excited to open my package when I realised it contained my worst nightmare... One of those glue runner things!

I have tried X-cut, Herma, Dovecraft, Stores own brand etc of glue runners and I just can't get along with them. The thing is, i'm ditsy. I keep holding the runner upside down which in turn makes the tape roll back inside itself. This then makes a huge sticky mess, the whole thing gets stuck together and I end up just pulling the tape out and using it like a roll of sticky dots! I wasted a £5 Herma in seconds :(

Anyway here is the review!:

3L Scrapbook Adhesive EZ Runner

How often do you use Adhesive?

Crazy amounts. Every single day.

What is the main type of adhesive that you use?

I settled down with "Anita's 3-D Clear Gloss" but from now on I am going with the EZ Runner.

What do you look for in an adhesive?

Something that is a good price, but more importantly something that is quick and easy to use and makes a nice clean finish. Sometimes the Clear Gloss can get a bit messy and is no good for ribbons so this runner would be perfect.

How easy is the product to remove from its packaging?

No problem at all. Just a simple cardboard backing.

Does the product appeal to you i.e does it look good?

Yeah. It sounds strange but I like the way the plastic feels. It's a nice weighted matt plastic. I don't like the shiny plastic on most runners as they are slippy.

How easy is the product to use?

I never read any instructions or had any difficulty. There is a finger groove at the top which kind of indicates which way up it goes and I just got straight on.

How well does the product perform?

It is absolutely amazing. The glue just slides out really fluently. There is no clicking or pulling and everything on my page actually stayed in place. Every glue runner I have tried, the things start coming unstuck! I was honestly, so impressed with this.

Do you like this product?

During use of thisproduct I did my usual trick. Can you believe it!! I was so annoyed because I thought I had ruined the whole dispenser by holding it upside down and running it backwards. It was absolutely fine. I couldn't believe it! I LOVE this product.

Do you consider it good value for money?

I get through a LOT of adhesive so at £4.99.. I'd have to find myself some in a sale because that is a lot of money to me. Not quite as expensive as Herma and in my opinion it is worth every penny.

Would you consider buying this product in the future?

I would love to stock up on these because from now on it is THE glue I use. Worth every penny in my opinion. I would never have chosen it without this test.

What would make you more likely to buy this product in the future?

If there was a trial price or a sale then I would stock up on a tonne of these. It is a good price compared to others in its range but I don't have a lot of money for the amount of adhesive I get through. I think the packaging looks outdated, Kind of like finding a product from when you was little! If it have a new packaging it would probably get peoples attention more.

What would make you less likely to buy this product in the future?

If it changed because I thought it was perfect and I hate it when maunfacturers mess with things!

SO there you have it folks. Honestly, I rate this 10/10.

And now I'm totally peed off because I have "She's an easy lover" stuck in my head but "It's an E Z runner.. It sticks good glue so you can't even seeee ittt... It's like no otherrr".

Over and Out.

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