Friday, April 18, 2008

My swap for the crop

Here is my swap for the UKS Cyber Crop goodie bag. I hope my swapee loves it. The pictures are rubbish because it is night but I just realised I am out all day tomorrow at my nans and if I don't do them now I never will!

Let me know.. Would you honestly be pleased to receive this?

1. An escort to take you to your party

I couldn't believe it when I saw this oscar! I am really not into teddy bears much so it was hard for me to get any inspiration! If I received a teddy i'd still love it but I just couldn't get my brain into gear! You have to pop it in water and it grows 6 times its size! I know the swappee has children who might love to have a go at this.

2. Something sticky and a pen:

I got my person a notebook for her "autographs" because I have shopped for a week solid to find a cute pen now and nowhere has one. I've looked in places that I KNOW have them.. WHSmiths etc. BUT NO! I was going to alter one but with everything going on at home, I had already used my time on everything else I had made :(

I know my swappee is into decoupage so I thought you can never have enough craft foam pads especially for some nice depth to your pages. I also LOVE these twinkles writers which I have used on my card. (from my own tube, not my swappees hahaha)

3. An emergency Ration:

Come on this is screaming emergency EAT ME all over it. I know my swappee loves red wine and this is a brilliant bottle of erm something red.. and I'm sorry but I did try hard but I dont drink so I could only guess it was right.. *blush*

4. A feel good item:

I spied on all my swappees past posts and saw she loves white musk from the body shop so I took myself off and got these lovely shower gel, body cream and body scents. I thought no pamper would be complete without an eye mask and picked up this gorgeous one from boots!

5. A home made box or bag:

My box turned out to be the worst pile of crap I have ever made in my life. I was going to send it because I had tried really hard but then I thought it made everything look rubbish and got rid of it *sigh* I have this excellent storage case for a4 papers and I thought it would be a good thing to hold it all and to use afterwards for decoupage sheets etc.

This is a card and gift tag I made to go on the present. The card has a verse inside that I made up with clues of who I am. I hope my recipient likes the kind of thing I have done as I guess you have to be that sort of person. I am having visions now of my swappee only wanting some new stuff and throwing all my crap hand made stuff in the bin. I don't know her BTW.
and last but not least here is something I made from a piece of wood I stole from my husband. I wanted to make up for the fact that I had not made a pen. I thought she would appreciate a door sign for her craft room as I think she has her own. I painted it white and inked the edges. I used some of my special looping brads to attach the "Enter with chocolate only" and a hell of a load of rub-ons! The flowers and birds are all stamped and coloured. A metal heart and wooden rose later and It was complete.
I want to keep it. Please, please recipient, if you don't like it, just tell me and i'll pay to have it back! I'm so sentimental LOL
After all that waffle I think mental is more the word to look for!
Will get it to Royal Mail tomorrow and hope it gets to its destination safely :)
Mel x


Sue said...

I love the stuff, wish I was your swapee... well perhaps not as I would then know what I had before I got it!!! (so nosey I took a chance but know it isn't me) I REALLY LOVE the door sign, it is soo sweet.

irishjules (UKS) said...

O I Love this! I would be more than happy to receive it if you were my swapee!
Don't tnihk i am you're swapee though!:)

jay670120 said...

i think anyone would love your goodie box xxxx i dont know who my swappee is , but keep stalking the postlady x

Dappyme said...

Another wow Mel. I for one would love to receive those goodies! :)

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