Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MIA: Pinkladymel!


I haven't posted for what seems like an age! I have been busy doing the cybercrop and then half way through I got really tired again so had to stop doing anything as I just couldn't concentrate.

I received a wonderful package from Rusty Pickle today thanks to Beckie (as I blogged earlier). It was full of chocolate bunnies YAY!! I loved the old range of this and the new range is pink and cream.. MY FAVOURITE.

Back on to the UKs cybercrop, here is my work that I completed:

My C3PO Mannequin Ain't he cute!! Mr threepio holds my memories of visiting memorabilia with Lee and a baby Logan.

This is me with my children - My heart and soul - visiting the zoo. Tried some hand stitching on this and for the agony I was in afterward due to arthritis It just wasn't worth it *sob* In this picture Logan has that haircut that made me want to divorce his father. I can't believe he was too shy to say anything to the hair dresser whilst she was making my son into a mullet man.

Here is a lovely shot of my duvet oh and.. A layout! This is much more my style and I was so happy once I completed it. I felt like I had found ME! I seem to have a lot of different styles dependant upon my mood and seeing as i'm a little crazy that could be anything :)

I have wanted to scrap these photographs for ages because they just encapsulate everything my husband and son are about together. I finally got to use my Heidi Swapp velvet rub ons YAY! And those title letter stickers.. Grrr.. what a pain!

First of all, I have had many comments telling me the best thing about this layout is the edging and asking how I achieved it. I would love to take credit, really I would.. But I am seriously not talented with scissors (back to the arthritis again) and therefore have to admit all credit goes to Autumn leaves :)
There is an acrylic flower there I made with swirl stamps and inked the edges. I promise it does exist.
So what have I been doing? Well last night I started to feel ill and then an hour later it hit me.. full blown ear infection and fever. Lovely. Feeling really shakey today and having two toddlers plus a rockette husband is not good for poorly ear drums. I have been to quieter parties.
I have decided to stay in Tipton. In this home we have built our whole life in. It is hard and the house has a lot of faults but right now I need some stabillity in my life and waiting three years to move has just drained every ounce of that happy person I used to be. I can't deny I am sad to not be back where I grew up, close to all of my dearest family and in green luscious surroundings. It is grey and industrial here. I am surrounded by houses and there is no where to just pop for a walk. It is just roads and houses. Back in Telford there were plenty of parks and forests and happiness. Equally, I am happy because to leave this house is to leave all of the memories it holds. Getting married, our first house, the birth of our two children. The bedroom we painted as a castle for Logan. The nursery we decorated together, our first ever attempt at decorating... the nursery that held our babies and our tired heads.
So now I am on a gardening rampage.. who wants to come help me dig?!
It is dark and grey outside but inside I feel like a rainbow just waiting to burst out and live life.. I'm sure I am right on the edge of getting there. It is a much better place to be then the limbo.
Mel xx


Jackie said...

Loving your projects, theyre all fab!

Well done you getting some CC scrapping done, I didnt get a chance due to a power cut LOL, marvelous eh!

Something nice is coming your way :)

Jackie said...

but I didnt actually 'buy' the bag, LOL

willowthewysp said...

Fab layouts!
And i LOVE the mannequin;)

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