Monday, April 07, 2008

It Fweakin Wocks

Emily used to say "It fweakin wocks". I'm gonna have to scrap that one of these days!
I scrapped for the first time in ages the other day and the end result was something I loved but wasn't paticularly in love with. I guess it's hard to get back into your mojo when you have been dossing on the P.C!

So, I uploaded my layout to UKS and got the usual lovely team comments but I was just hungry for a bit of.. I don't know.. something else? I uploaded for the first time ever to 2peas and thought nothing of it. Then when I checked last night:

That's me babeh! Right down there in the top 10 gallery as voted for by the viewers! OH sweetness! I was still there this at noon today but sadly.. I have since slipped away :D
I understand.. this is small fish for most of you ultimately talented artistes but to me.. It's nice to be loved :)
Must start creating some more stuff now and not procrastinate infront of the PC!
Yours Lovingly
Bridget Jones X

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