Friday, March 21, 2008

Sometimes me and lee have the most bizarre conversations in MSN:

(li)PinK ShadoW(um) says:
have you got your headphones on

archangelwwe says:
yes lol

(li)PinK ShadoW(um) says:
because you are shouting well loud lol

archangelwwe says:
oops sorry

(li)PinK ShadoW(um) says:
the neighbours will think we arechild beaters

archangelwwe says:
no only eggs

(li)PinK ShadoW(um) says:
egg beaters?

archangelwwe says:
you could have it as a childcare thing that offers breakfast, "Do you have to work all day? dont have time for breakfast? come and have breakfast and leave your kids at the child care breakfast house, we wont beat your kids, only your eggs!

And seriously.. That was it. I was laughing my head off. It's been five crazy years and this man makes me laugh hysterically still. He still makes my heart race and when he is gone.... all the way into the room next door.. I miss him! Five years already. Where does the time go.

I was talking to Chris last night, making a fool of myself on the webcam and I was in a dilemma. I have been thinking recentely about scrapbooking, Alot. I have so much stash that even if I made scrapbook pages with everything, they would fill the room from floor to ceiling. Thats ALOT of space to be taking up. I'd be taking the space up with the best thing in the world, my love and my memories, but surely with all the money I spend I could be taking better care of myself and in turn feel good. I could get some new clothes so I dont have to hunt around for one of the two pairs of knickers I own that still fits! And the space.. the clutter I am passing on to my children one day.. The whole point of scrapbooking is that I want to get my memories down. Couldnt I do this by writing it on the back of a photo?? Have really nice photo albums and whenever the children want to know about a photo they pull it out and read?

What do you think?

Chris was no help.. she just agreed!!!

I need someone to ignite my spark and to make sense of what I do.

my husband says that I do it because it is me and because it is what I love. To me, that is not enough, things need to be practical.



Christine said...

I have to agree Mel, I wonder why myself!

Dappyme said...

Hmmm,why indeed. For me there are a few reasons!
I have hundresd of pics from my grandparents that I want to preserve which is one reason I started scrapping. The thing is I scan the originals and scrap with the copies. The original sit in the same old case they've been in for years! Work that one out! lol
Apart from making them look pretty, I love it! Soory can't really help you!

willowthewysp said...

I so know where you are coming from!!!i had so much stash it was getting ridiculous, and pointless as i didnt use most of it, so i sold most of it!!! And bought myself some new paints and 'basics'inc. storage!!! I always scrap original photos and to scrap the huge amount i have have decided to scrap alot of them get them scrapped and in albums quickly..IYKWIM!