Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday 22nd March - Easter Eve

Well today is Easter eve and I did the stupid thing of going out shopping to Asda. Logan has only had one accident in about 2 months now regarding toilet training and i'm so super proud! Asda was so busy and I just wanted to get home as the wind was seriously blowing a gale I could barely breathe!

When I got home it started to snow outside in big thick white flakes. It instantly stuck and I got so excited thinking we could have a snow fight like we have the past two years running.. but no.. NADA! Ten minutes of promising snow and then out cracked the blue skies (behind grey clouds) and bright sunshine. DAMN YOU mr. Sunshine!

I was trying to think of something different today for the kids dinner so I made noodles with mushrooms and chicken. They soon got over the novelty and found it amazing to build castles with whilst I wasnt looking.. using a drawer from my stash storage! I love my kids..

I have to leave you on this last cheeky note..

Logan can now finally go to the toilet by himself and put on his pants by himself. I am so happy YAY! But bless him.. look at how he has put his pants on!! And to think they started life off this morning as boxers! He has gota thing about these comic strip boxers at the moment. No matter what I put on him he will come downstairs in these!

Over and Out!

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willowthewysp said...

Oh, that bottom(hehe scuse the pun!!!LOL) photo is just brilliant!!!!Just like my little boy..he can go toilet by himself now and insists on pulling up his own pants, but always goes onto eat them!!!!