Friday, March 07, 2008

Mixed Emotions But Could Be Worse!

I was having the most amazing day yesterday then I trod on a mirror and broke it. Now I find myself in constant doubt of everything and being paranoid! What is that about? I dunno..

Lets start with the bad stuff to get it out of the way!

Yesterday I ordered a massive Tesco shop for the month. When it came the meat was missing so I rang and complained. They apologised and organised re-delivery for today. The day my wonderful son finally let go of the sidelines and swam! (Sorry proud mother moment) So what comes to my door.. THE WHOLE ORDER again!! Who sounds totally annoyed that her bank has been debited £96 that she hasn't got.. My sister (Whos card I borrowed)! Can you believe they did this?? So she calls them and they say they don't believe the meat never came yesterday (because seriously.. I really want 2 months worth of meat don't I?) and they will come tomorrow to get the whole order and refund it back. The order that is now all neatly put away. The order that will take 7 days to get back to my sisters card. I don't appreciate being made out to be a liar and I certainly don't appreciate Tesco. I knew from past experience not to shop with them and I went and did it again! NEVER AGAIN!


Anyway the good?

I had an email from the lovely Shimelle yesterday asking if I would like to submit something for the "my favourite layout" section at the back of the mag. It was a pretty standard email which I guessed she had hit send to 2000 people. I had just finished working on a layout so I send it off and get a reply saying this is definitely what they could use and I will get paid for it too! Wow.. Totally stoked to say the least. I have gone from half a page to a full page! Anyway.. 2 minutes later Shim mails me again. "Actually, I think you'd be perfect for the ready, steady, scrap! challenge would you be up for it? It's paid and you get a free kit"..

How do I reply without sounding like a kid who got EVERYTHING they wanted for christmas and a Mr Frosty just for good measure.. !!

I am so pleased. So happy. I know it's nothing big. Its a break from scrapping just for me in my own comfort zone. It's a kick up the bottom. It's just.. WOW.. Me???


Somebody wants my work and that is an amazing feeling.

Just wanted to share my days events and hope you had a lovely time today too.

On the flip side.. My tiredness has come back and I have been falling to sleep in random places.. Sigh. It is so embarrassing to deal with :(



Sally said...

Toot Toot! Well done Mel that's fab news about your mag work! Well deserved :)

Dappyme said...

Hey, congratulations to you Mel, you truely deserve it, you have such a unique style! You go girl! :)