Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm going rusty..

If I could have forseen this month I would have told the evil witch to stick her crystal ball up her bottom and try again. With everything that happened with SI I have been totally stoked. Then out of the blue yesterday I get a PM from someone who I adore, Beckie Dreyer. She loves my "Pirate Princess" layout and has chosen me to send her Rusty Pickle RAK to. Out of everyone.. ME!! This is a woman who's work I adore. Totally honoured and gushing :)

I really have to get some crafting done. I'm seriously going rusty. I keep saying that I will do some every night but with all the pc troubles I have been having it has been near impossible. I seem to get sucked into trying to fix the PC and then procrastinating on the internet. SIGH.

I want to send some kind of blog prayer magic to two friends. TL and Wendy. I love you guys and at the moment your lives are tough. Hoping things get easier soon x


I will update a bit later when I can think of something interesting to say and when I have that work I've been promising for a week now!

if you're readin.. I love yer!


Dappyme said...

((((hugs)))) Love you too, you crazy woman! :)

Dappyme said...

Meant to ad a huge wooo hooo for you Mel, well done you are truely deserving as you have such a unique style! Way to go! :)

Beckie aka Bexter said...

Aw thanks for your lovely comments about me :) makes me feel darn special! Really hope you have great fun when the pickle arrives.
Take care