Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday 21st March

I think we are going back in time here but hey.. I haven't had time to post the real stuff lately so I am just going to post as if it was the day of the title. Because it's my blog. And because I can.

Today was a nice family day. After nap time we had a big play and Emily wanted to unleash the paint so I had them out whilst Logan lied on the bed playing a marble madness game on the 360. He was lying on the bed the exact same way his daddy does. I wish I had caught a photo!

I did catch this photo of Emily painting and she is such a big girl now!:

Once we had finished they asked if we could clean out Sportacus and I LOVE it when they think of something they would like to do so out came the hamster! My camera went a bit mental and wouldnt take a decent photo of the hamster but I did catch these two!:

I think it is absolutely amazing that when we first had Sportacus he was pure white!

Sportacus is the chinese dwarf hamster that Emily had for her birthday. He changes colour if he has more then 16 hours of solid day or night. I have never seen anything move so fast in my life so he is strictly in cage petting only!! I didnt know anything about dwarve hamsters because when I was younger, you kind of don't question those sort of things! I picked up a book and apparentely they need adapted lifestyles! I had to change his rotastack so there was nothing too big for him to fall out or climb up and also I bought a miniature ball for him to run in. I had no idea they had to have different ones!

After the hamster we made pizza. This is Emilys new thing. She loves to grab a tortilla and make pizza with mommy. I kind of pop another tortilla on top otherwise they get fussy looking at the veg so really it's a qaesadilla! I really enjoy spending the one on one time and making something. It makes me feel like the worlds best mom.

I had a call today from the council to tell me that they would like to offer me a house but unfortunately it doesn't meet up to Lee's needs so they can't give it us. Thanks for letting us know! I've been on the waiting list a year just to hear that!

Oh well.. I can but wait!

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