Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another boring day :D

Finished my layout for SI and it was so scary being under so much pressure. I do tons of scrapping every week and sometimes I just don't show it off. There are so many pages that didn't go how my mind imagined and I was scared incase this was one of them!

I have been playing about with photographs and learning new techniques. I made this one all by myself, no masks or overlays or filters, just me and PSP!

Went to see National Treasure 2 yesterday and it was one of those times where the cinema was empty and we sat in the premier seats with nachos YAY! I found the film hilarious and it was definitely worth a watch. I fell asleep during the first one!

Will try and get something crafty done today and upload later :)

1 comment:

chrisrydal said...

Love the photo Mellie :)
I'm looking forward to watching that film when I get round to it!