Monday, December 03, 2007

December 3rd

Well the good thing about christmas is I am blogging every single day. The bad thing is that everything is such high emotion that the slightest thing feels that hell of a lot worse. I sent Sallys parcel via DHL and it still hasn't turned up. I know it is their fault and theyre a bunch of work shy cowboys (I wish someone had told me before I used them) but it still makes me feel like such a failure. I had a good cry and phoned them since 10 am this morning and now Sally has finally resolved it. I now have the massive mobile bill running in the back of my mind but I can ignore that until next month when it comes.

Here is my day 2 journal entry:

and my secret santa Day 2 which I opened when I went to bed at midnight :D:D

I have loved opening my santa and seeing what she has picked for me. It has been really thoughtful and christmassy so far. Thanks santa.. I so needed some new socks x

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chrisrydal said...

Love the journal entry - very christmassy :) Nice socks!