Sunday, December 02, 2007

1st december ~ 2nd December

I had a lot going on yesterday it was just one problem after another. Anyway, that's boring.

I stayed up till midnight each night to open my advent swap packages. I am so so pleased with my santa she has been so thoughtful to me. I also sat up 1st dec night stamping with my new magnolia skull and crossbones stamp that was a pre-secret-santa-present :D:D

Day 1

Day 2

Aren't I the luckiest happiest girl in the whole wide world :D:D

Seriously.. I thought I would have to fake it but no I am so damn happy and now I feel really positive and good about christmas.

I completed my first page for shimelle's "journal your christmas" prompts:

was just browsing everyone else whilst my camera batteries charged and came across Sallys and it is just beautiful. I found it so hard to do my page as I have been card making a lot for nans charity fare for scouts.

The kids opened their advent calendars and I just couldn't believe that this year my boy who is 2 could find his own numbers and understand what the calendar was for. Made me feel a bit weepy as I love my kids so much.

This is them on 1/12/07:

and this was my babies this time last year 1/12/06:

Lee wanted to do some baking yesterday with Logan whilst I made a cute little reindeer mask with emily who's new found love is mommys glitter glues. Unfortunately all of the ingredients needed in any recipe we had were things we had run out of!! Ah well.. at least he looked cute:

so there you go. I have been on the pc for an hour doing this so quite nagging already :D

Merry christmas everyone xx

p.s - My manifesto LO has blank space to one side for a binding later on LOL
p.p.s - Why is Emily dressed and Logan in pjs for 2006 but vice versa in 2007? Obviously only enough time to dress one kid a day ;)

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Christine said...

awww bless your kiddies - cute, treasure every moment because they grow too quickly and stop calling you mummy and giving you a good bye kiss when they go to school :(

So what did you get today? I got a piglet face cloth - too cute - I wubs me piglet collection! lol