Friday, November 02, 2007

Wow what a past fortnight!

hiya everyone had an absolute nightmare time sigh sigh

By the time we had dropped the kids off and done food shopping and got back it was so late and I was exhausted so we popped to bed with a pizza that we'd romantically bought from asda as we couldn't afford takeaway! Was such a hot date I fell to sleep during the film but was rudely awoken by Lee fidgiting because he can never get comfy with his back. Once I'm awake can never get back to sleep so I went on the PC and next thing I know its 5am!!

Woke up with full intentions of doing the christmas decorations. Had to take Lee to Toys R us to get him his lego star destroyer I had saved for our wedding anniversary. He got me a photo book of our wedding with photo journalling by him. Got everything down from the attic.. seems like only two seconds since we put it up there! Found that our new tree was just a middle piece and you have to individually hook about 100 branches to about 10 layers and each one of those branches has to be unfurled for want of a better word. By the time we finished we was both tired to death. Had a curry after taking the hoover apart because it kept shorting. The whole excitement for me has been the fact that I have loads and loads of presents to wrap and I had to wait till the living room was decorated so that I could sit in the glow of the lights and be all christmassy. Shame I was so tired I couldnt even move!! Sat with lee making a list of what I already bought for my secret santa whilst he started on 12 sections of bags of lego. At one point I helped him and it reminded me of factory work when I was younger. Thought it was about midnight, checked the time and it was 3am!! Couldn't believe it.

Got up early to finish off the house for when the kids came back. Mom was supposed to bring them after shopping but they decided they wasn't going anymore so they was comingn early. Missed the kids with all my heart and Logan wouldn't talk to me like he always does when he stays at moms. He loves it there so much and he still does this just to break my heart! They only stay at my moms because I am so over protective of the kids and she is the only person I can trust to give them enough attention. They go about once every few months just for the night because Lee says I have to let them go and also he needs time alone with me and my love too.

Before the kids went me and lee spent the fortnight tidying so hard we was red faced all day everyday. When the kids got back we was so exhausted I could have cried but at least the house is tidier now. As soon as they walked in Emily shouted "WOOOOOOOOOOW!" and Logan saw his penguin that he has loved but been afraid of every year. This year he wasn't scared. Then he started eating all of the cakes i'd laid nicely on the cake stand for mom and dad.

Sorry this is so long!! Anyway we put the kids to be and suddenly the house is filled with music that was like.. well I don't want to be racist but the man next door obviously thinks he is black or something. Emily starts screaming and she is really upset. Lee went to phone the police and they said there is nothing they could do and they didnt care. Even after we had risked our family to testify against them after he beat his son with a belt last month and lee phoned the police. I forgot to put about that in the blog but to be honest it was upsetting and we have had so much trouble I wouldn't know where to start. In a nut shell (because this post is the longest ever!) After the last man next door was evicted because we phoned the police because he beat his wife and kids and they was screaming, they moved another man in. Guess what! He likes beating kids too. Lee was getting some pop from the car and he heard a kid begging his dad to stop and screaming and when he looked that excuse of a sad human being was throwing his son into a chair and beating him with a belt. Lee had to go to the police statement at 6am to give a statement and agreed to go to court even though it would mean us probably having our house set on fire. They told us it was a severe beating and it was serious. 2 days later the boy was back living with his dad. I give up. It was all for nothing and now he is making our life hell.

Anyway back to the music. I was rocking emily and she got so upset she was sick all over me and then I was shaking with upset that someone could be like this. Once i'd finally calmed her down afterabout 2 hours of holding and rocking (Which is great with SPD) I placed her in bed because the music stopped and she went to sleep thank god. She kept crying all night and I haven't slept yet. She finally woke up screaming at 6am just as I had closed my eyes and I couldn't console her so we all got dressed and went to merry hill which was like a ghost town. I didn't have a penny to my name and I hate window shopping but I just thought she would be comforted in a pram.

Was really upset because how can we raise another baby with the uncertainty of knowing what is happening to our home with that moron. Not only that but this past few days was exciting. I found out I was most fertile and it was our anniversary and the kids were away. It actually turned out though that we was so busy we never made love once. I'm guessing I'm not pregnant this month.

So there is my big moan.

I have calculated I spent about £60 on my secret santa. I didnt even know I was just buying nice things I liked. No wonder I don't have any money. I feel so sad that I haven't bought Lee anything yet.

Oh forgot to add that Chris sent me a lovely lovely parcel today and I was ecstatic and totally didn't even expect it!! I loved doing her challenge and to get a present for it is just awesome!! Thanks Chris that's so sweet. I'm really scrimping and saving and you know how it is, us moms put ourselves last on the list so our family has more then they need and it was a really nice thing to receive. Still got no phone and feel bad cos I want to text Sally and see if she is alright.

Here are my pics of the house anyway so Merry christmas xx


Dappyme said...

Wow Mel. Your decorations look lovely! What a time you've had tho! Hope things calm down for you a bit! XXX

Christine said...

fab decs! I'm not allowed mine up till the 2nd weekend of Dec - Bry is such a bahumbug at times!
Sorry to hear you are living next door to a complete and utter twat, lets hope he buggers off soon!
Glad you liked the pressie - if the colour isn't to your taste - you could always ink over the chipboard!

Anonymous said...

martin is the same as Bri lol...but i usually put them up on the 1st when he is at work hahaha,

gorgeous dect Melly.....just love how you have dressed up the robot hehehe...cant wait to see them close up