Friday, November 30, 2007

One-post-a month-girl


It is december tomorrow and I can hardly believe it. Last year I wished every last day away. Partly because I had a baby and a rampaging toddler with a houseful of presents and clutter, partly because I just wanted it to be christmas! When it was january I was so depressed so this year I must remember to enjoy every second and not wish it away.

But seriously.. can I wish this away:

That is just my cupboard which may I add.. has my deep freeze underneath it! Mom sorted out my phone bill so I had a bit spare for food and got the frozen party things we love from Asda. Lee had to post them into the freezer lol. We realised last night though that there is no way we are going to get a turkey posted in there :D

Today my secret santa advent swap came and i'm so happy. My santa has been so thoughtful wrapping it in black and purple crepe paper. Everything looks beautiful and really felt festive. I will let the pics speak for themselves.. and if they could they would say "My secret santa rocks, why have I got twenty chins.. why do men take unflattering low angle pics.."

oh and My santa is so sweet she even sent me a pre-present-present!!!!

I am waiting for a few things off Lee's to come and then I can relax. I have had no money to get nice extravagant things this year and it feels sad but at the same time I know he loves me so much and he just wants me for christmas. That makes it feel a bit better.

I am greatful for for friends and I am greatful for family xx


sally said...

Love the photos of you opening the look so happy :) Lucky can do a post a day telling us what you've received!!

Dappyme said...

Oooo fabby pics Mel. How exciting. Must go and update my blog! :)

Ellie said...

ooh i agree with sally up date you blog each day with what you get :D

Christine said...

Will be checking back tomorrow once you've opened no 1!!!!

Fab pics :D