Tuesday, September 11, 2007

To What Do I Owe This Honour

OK. SO.. Finally got fed up of posting my LO's on UKS. What's the flipping point. No-one comments any more it's just a take take world. Anyway I won't bitch.

What have I been doing lately. Gosh wish I could think of something interesting enough to tell you.. just loitering!! Since Emily has been sleeping in her own room I have been mainly spending time with Lee and just spending every night scrapping. I have found myself really suffering with scrappers block lately. I am unhappy with everything I produce. I get so frustrated when a night passes with no production so I have really got into stamping and making cards and embellishments lately. Made a ton of christmas cards ready for the big season HEHEHEHE The question is can I wait a whole 2 months before putting my tree up...

SO.. I am the only person who puts their tree up at the beginning of November but I really love Christmas so much. I guess it's a psychological problem I could address but before that I need to decide on whether to have a black tree.. they're just so me and lee.. But they're not v. traditional christmas. Decisions Decisions.

Haven't spoken to Niamh in ages. Friends are really complicated things. In fact scratch that.. PEOPLE are complicated. I have got to a stage in my life now where every second is so important and if I am special to other people then they will make an effort to let me know. Have just been so tired lately. Endlessly sleeping.

Sorry there is nothing new to say but I hope you like all the new LO's I added heaven knows it took long enough xx


Dappyme said...

Hehehe Mel. No you are not the only one to put your tree up early, although I must say I do wait until 1st Decemeber! Love Christmas, can't wait! I love reading your ramblings, you are soo funny. (((hugs)))

Dappyme said...

I couldn't see your layouts before Mel, but I can now and they all gorgeous. You know I love your work! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the LO Mel - can't read the journaling though....and are they really your lips ~ I wish I had lucious lips like those!, thank you for taking part in the challenge :)
Chrissy whissy