Thursday, September 20, 2007

It finally happened!

I havent blogged for so long but above are the two pictures of my baby sister Emma at the beginning of her pregnancy and last friday 6 days over due. Today, after all my encouragement telling her it will happen I finally got that call. "Mel, I don't think I'm in labour because they're just like period pains can you help me?" Yep thats me.. the pregnant advisor just because I have had 2 babies in the past 3 years LOL. This isn't the first phone call i've had. Infact she was timing herself last night when she fell asleep LOL
So where was I? Oh yes.. I just got called mom and was answered by some frantic lunatic who used to be my mom asking me if its ok for my sister to be in the shower. Her contractions are seven minutes apart and mom is going to call the ambulance soon. The first thing that pops into my head is "crikey my sister is even stressing about her hygiene when she is in labour!!" and secondly it just hit me. My god.. My sister has a baby in there. My little tiny sister (cue tears to my eyes which I so far held back) who I have loved and taken care of, played dollys with and had the kind of relationship where she was more a rebellious daughter then anything.. this sister of mine who I love.. is going to have a baby!! So when we was little and we used to go round each others "flats" with our babies and have tea and fight over the ironing board can very soon come to mine for real cups of tea and we can really share our lives and lug our offspring about. It's life changing and amazing.
SO i'm trying my hardest not to cry but I just got a text telling me I made her cry and that got me streaming. It's 22:03 now and she is at the point where she can't text back because she hurts. I had notepad open from timing her contractions earlier. It's so hard waiting. I'm glad she is staying at moms because I know she will have the support. I hate to think of her alone in the hospital waiting for visiting hours and tired like I was but I hope her partner will love and take care of her. Sometimes he is really nice and other times he says things like "its my duty to buy things for the baby not hers" in a keep your nose out excited big sis kind of way that hurts.
When I had Logan life instantly changed and there is nothing ever like your first birth. Everything was the first time and so frightening. The millions of large tools on the table by your bedside and machines which you don't know if they're for you or not. The first time you hold your newborn and cry uncontrollably that you did it and its over (haha if only i knew) and the look of pride on your husbands face. She is about to have it all. I would be insanely jealous if I was not so damn happy and proud of her.

I hope she has the most amazing birth

Oh shit I'm about to be an aunty!!

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