Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BAH Humbug!

No I haven't gone completely mad. I received a text from Niamh today (YAY) and she reminded me how much she just doesn't "do" christmas. I promised myself I couldnt "do" a friend that doesn't like christmas but she is the exception. I hate people that don't like christmas but think it is ok to spend tons and enjoy it for just the one day. I just think its a lot of love and effort to decorate the house (When you do it like me mwahaa) and a big expense to get things I am so happy to give as a token of my appreciation for the year.. and what for... a week?? No way.. them christmas CDs are in the car and the tree is up november every year.. wait for the pics you know I'm not kidding :D:D

Went to Hooty's warehouse today. Last week they was putting out the masses of christmas stuff. We have so many debts to pay off but seriously tinsel comes first! So anyway I got there and they havent even done it... LAZY.

September 11th yesterday.. how fast does time go. Nothing to say.


Ellie said... go luck you uneducated person

Dappyme said...

I with you on Christmas Mel. We just love it in our house, but our tree goes up on December 1st. For us its a great family time and we start looking forward to it as soon as the sumemr is over, like now lol.