Sunday, July 08, 2007

Oh ok it wont let me put a title today? Very odd!!

OK things have been mad lately and I just havent posted which is so naughty of me but you know I am a busy mom you know!! There is this wonderful woman who always comments on my layouts and she makes me feel so good on UKS her name is USA2UK and I just wanted her to know if she ever stopped by my blog she is wonderful for taking the time to always look at my gallery :)

Just finished my room today.. well.. one wall because that's all the room I can spare!! My husband is so wonderful for letting me have a room in our bedroom for my scrapping stuff. Its hardly passionate is it but he is so good. If you think its crappy dont forget that

a) I am a mom of 2 toddlers and a disabled husband in a crappy council house.. I cant afford these things the americans can :(((( and lee worked so hard putting all these things up for me man i am so proud of him.

b) Its night time and the yellow light is so wonderful for taking pics in... :)

c) scroll down further and see what the room DID look like... seriously it was a case of use something then throw it on the floor!!!

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