Sunday, July 15, 2007

Billy Big Balls - I kid you not.

When I was younger my sisters friend had a black hamster (or hampsters/hammies as they were back then lol) and her mom was going to kill it so i HAD to have it because I adore animals, can't even kill spiders (DIRTY CREATURES MEHHEEH) Well TMI but it had a MASSIVE at the back and my mother called him "billy big balls" and I was just thinking.. this is the mother who made me say "blow off" for fart, I have never sworn infront of her and she made me go to bed at 7 until I was 16. VERY weird no wonder I turned out the way I did.
Anyway the hamster was actually a rat and someone had chopped his tail off. I think he must have been crossed with a hamster because he was only hamster size if not a little bigger. I really loved that boy and when I went to the zoo recentely I saw one and he looked so similar it made me nearly cry. SIGH. Billy Big Balls. He was so kind and gentle He would curl his paw over my finger and only bit my little finger nail off the once... man it bled!! Father of 13 children all in one go and faithful husband to Honey who was a peach hamster that sadly passed away with cancer.
Pets are just like family members no matter how small awww.


Ellie said...

i think hun you finaly of lost it!!! go and have a nap

Dappyme said...

Yep, deffinately lost it! lol