Thursday, May 10, 2007

I haven't posted here for so long NAUGHTY GIRL *smacks own hand* Had so much and nothing going on all at the same time. Me and Niamh are trying to make baby tins to hold all our memories before we forget them.

<---- Here's my attempt so far for my baby boy Logan :)

Went to see Spiderman3 and I think me and Lee are the only people on the planet that liked it but who cares. I'm sick of hearing tired mundane drivel such as "oh there was too many bad guys", "They made Peter into an emo" "That Venom bloke was a bit far fetched". Honestly fancy going to watch a movie about a man who can shoot webs and saying an element of it was "a bit far fetched" paticularly since the film was.. with a few errors.. very reminiscent of the comic and quite an exciting delight for a comic geek such as oneself :)

SO.. no post for days then this load of tripe..

ahh well you cant win them all

1. Tried to put a pound in the card slot at the car park paying machine

2. Went out for a meal and dropped the sachet of vinegar all down me

:) xxxx :)


diz said... the vinegar and pound coin things ...just like me.xxxxxxxxxx

Ellie said...

lol im the same such stupid dumb things hahaha :P