Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Promised Photographs

Ok so here is my shame in all its glory. I started off not tidying one day.. then carried on the behaviour just throwing things on the floor when I had finished..!! May just add that this is actually my bedroom LOL SO.. big job tidying for me tonight :(
Went to the cinema to see Shooter today it was brilliant and loved spending time with Lee which I miss so much. Received my kit from Shimelle in the post all ready for the cybercrop it's lovely!
I had a really deep thought to post today but then it went LOL I guess that makes me sound a bit dim doesn't it LOL If you had as much chaos as me you would understand this memory loss I have going on at the minute. It is driving me insane!! I hope whoever you are, you're having a wonderful day today - go stick on your favourite song, tell your best friend you love them (be it human or animal) and enjoy life and what it brings, the little things we take for granted every day.
+ I love how soft my skin is and how different I feel after a shower.
+ I love it when you look at the time and it is closer to the kids bedtime then you thought :)
+ I LOVE going to the fridge and finding I didn't eat that chocolate bar I could've swore I did..?
Now for that bedroom....


PinkLadyMel said...

Ok hopefully comments should be working now ;)

Sally said...

Testing for you.......hope you'll be sharing the 'after' photos too :)

Anonymous said...

ok wonder if you will keep up with your blog as often as i do hahahahaha

there is method to you madness LOL

love Niamh