Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just another day

OK so its cyber crop starting tommorow night have I
a) Got anything ready
b) Tidied that AWFUL mess
c) Even looked to see what's when

NO!! Am I worried??

Today was just one of them days. Went to shop at Tesco's and it came up to a ridiculous amount because once again my freezer has defrosted thanks to power cuts and I can't claim on the insurance as after paying £50 excess there's just no point. Feel pretty gutted that I have such a lack of money but also feel completely warm and happy to have my family close and safe. Logan always rides on Thomas when we come out of Tesco's only today it wasn't working and he was so dissapointed. I was holding his hand when he just wriggled loose and before I could stop the trolley rolling down the hill he was in the middle of the road running. It is always a busy blind corner but just for that 5 seconds there was nothing. When I ran to him, leaving my heaving £75 worth of goods in the middle of nowhere, I didn't know whether to hold him or put him in some naughty corner. My little baby has become a boy and he has a mind of his own. He can do his colours (even difficult ones like white and purple) he can count to 20 he can do the alphabet and he knows every character in Thomas and he is 2 and 4 months. I love that boy so much. THE reason for all this waffle? I read him a story today, which is his usual bedtime routine, and he fell to sleep. I was quite enjoying Winne the Pooh when I heard a loud snoring.. and I have got to tell you.. creeping up for a kiss (having a hernia reaching over the cot) then leaving him smiling and snoring is just one of the greatest pleasures I have ever felt as a mother. Maybe I will take over daddy's bedtime story job :)

Did I mention I have a daughter?

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Anonymous said...

hi i was just reading your blog and im so proud of you i hope you dont think im checking up on you i just saw it and thought id read :) i love you more than life my wonderful darling you make me happier than you will ever know, i love each second we get and even more i love our one day a week where we can be us again xx

With all i am my heart mind body and soul i love you and our lives so much, it may be messy sometimes but i know you try your hardest to do everything and i love you so much for that.

thankyou for being the perfect mom and more than perfect wife, xx
i love you melxx
Lee x

your loving and devoted husband and friend