Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And so it begins.. AGAIN?!

Ok so I told you didn't I? Or rather I warned you - I AM NOT DAMNED GOOD AT KEEPING UP BLOGS!!

Every day life passes and things change. We meet new people that will change our lives forever. We have experiences that change the way we will grow as people. I sometimes wonder if maybe on the good days we take our lives for granted and then when the bad days roll around they feel just that much worse?

Cyber crop is coming up this friday at UKscrappers and I'm really looking forward to getting down to a little scrapping. The only problem is my room is in complete chaos and it is going to take at least a month to fix! Tommorow we drop the kids off at moms and together (me and the unexpecting husband) we shall tackle this room and we shall win!!

Pictures to come tommorow.. the mess has got to be seen to be believed.. I hang my head in shame I really do...

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