Sunday, April 29, 2007

An Amazing time in Wonderland

Well what a wonderful weekend of scrapping at my first ever cyber crop :) The theme was "mad hatters - Alice in Wonderland" and seeing as this is one of my favourite favourite films (Honestly.. i was naieve back then) I loved every second. Made an arrary of nice things which I really enjoyed doing but best of all I finally got some "me" time to scrap.

Sometimes things happen in life and you just realise how perfect you are for the love of your life and how you just couldn't live without them. All this weekend Lee has done the kids himself and let me scrap as much as I could (Emilys teething came out in full force EEK) Then today.. just as I was completely RAVENOUS he bought me up this for lunch. I actually had a cry LOL. It makes me so happy to know I am loved and thought about in this way.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LEE :) xxxxxxxx

and thats enough of my sop LOL


c.smith69 said...

Some lovely work there Mel :)

diz said...

yeah some lovely stuff hon x