Saturday, September 02, 2006

And so it begins..

So I guess I finally got around to getting a blog. Not sure how long it will last as I have even failed to keep a diary (as a new years resolution) for more than a week!
Awoken the usual way this morning (beautiful hi-tech Emily alarm) which was made worse when halfway through buying out a whole shop, in it's closing down chaos, The electric went!! I'm sure Niamh thinks its a conspiracy that I always just dissappear mid-convo but I think it's a conspiracy that she is always showing as offline to me when she's online! And she didn't mention me in her excited post about our new team.. *sulk*
Had a really lovely day today with the kids. Lee is such an amazing father and I felt so overcome with emotion watching him painting with Logan. They idolise each other and I love them both so much. Lee has taught Emily to stick her tongue out "Kiss" style but now she won't stop and dribble pools are mounting everywhere!
It was a sad end to the day. My kittens have disappeared and after taking a walk around the block to find them, I had to lock-up without my babies safe in their warm house. Just wish i'd had the time to put my details on their collars and now its too late.

And that's my first post..

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Anonymous said...

you will come to know that i have a complete scatter brain hehehehe.

did so much that day and i forgot all about you...can you ever forgive me....i am so not worthy hehehe

i so hope your kitty cats come home hun.

LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!